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Assist is our voice assistant that allows you to control Home Assistant using natural language.

Assist is built on top of an open voice foundation and powered by knowledge provided by our community.

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Supported languages

Currently, over 50 languages are supported. To check if yours is there, go to Settings > Voice Assistant and select Home Assistant Cloud. Open the Language dropdown. Select your language and check if it appears as a Conversation agent. If it’s there, your language is supported.

Languages supported by Home Assistant Cloud

Make an announcement

You can use Assist in automations to make an announcement. For example, it could tell you that your coffee is ready. Or use the upstairs speaker to tell your kids that dinner is ready.

Use your voice to trigger an automation

You can even define your own commands to start your automation.

Use OpenAI with Assist

You can give your voice assistant personality by using OpenAI.

We used a classic landline phone to talk to Mario, just for fun. But you can do this with any supported device. You could use your mobile phone, for example.

Year of the voice

We are hard at work to improve the voice assistant experience. We are currently at chapter 6 on our Year of the voice journey. You can now also use wake words to talk to Assist. You can even create your own wake word.

The video showcases different ways to talk to Home Assistant.