You can delete your account on our account page.

If you are currently subscribed to Home Assistant Cloud, you will need to cancel your plan before you can remove your account. You can do this on the account page too. Removing your account while there is still time left on your subscription will not delete your account immediately. Instead it will be scheduled to be deleted once your subscription expires.
You can delete your payment method on our account page. Your payment method will be used from following monthly payments onward.
You can change your email address on our account page.
There is not a way to transfer the subscription from one account to another. Please contact our support if you need help canceling a subscription.


After the initial 31-day trial period for new users, the subscription costs $6.50 + tax per month or $65 + tax for the annual plan. The annual plan is available for all countries. The price depends on your location/currency and whether you subscribe to an annual or monthly plan.
As of August 2022, we support two payment options: Stripe (Credit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay) and PayPal.
No. Projecting the lifetime cost of administering a cloud service and adding/maintaining functionality seems a bit unreasonable.
You will lose access if you did not enter a payment method by the time that your trial expires.
You can update the address used on invoices by going yo the account page. there is a “Update billing information” section you can adjust this on.
We strictly operate as a business-to-consumer provider, as such we can not attach your VAT number to the invoice.
This happens after a number of payment attempts have failed. PayPal will then mark a subscription agreement as suspended and creating a new subscription agreement is the only way forward as we cannot remove the suspended status. To find out why a payment is failing it is best to check with the bank which has issued the card. Often a credit card issuer may not support currency conversion, in which case PayPal’s conversion option needs to be used.

Nabu Casa

We make sure that as much processing as possible is done locally inside Home Assistant.

No, we don’t. We will only exchange messages between your Home Assistant instance and the Google and Amazon voice assistants. The source code that handles incoming message from the cloud is here
You do not need to do anything. The certificates for your instance will renew automatically as long as your subscription is active.
This is not possible. It would require large changes to how the service works and our current focus is on evaluating and improving the stability and scale of a single instance per subscription.
Yes. The remote access support is entirely independent of how you’ve installed Home Assistant.
Home Assistant Cloud uses Let’s Encrypt to provide SSL certificates for your instance. As of the end of September 2020, Let’s Encrypt is changing the way they sign their certificates which breaks support for older Android devices (older than Android 7.1).

Home Assistant version 0.115 includes an update to make the certificates used by Home Assistant Cloud backwards compatible. This relies on a feature that Let’s Encrypt provides, which will expire in September 2021.

If you use an older Android device and cannot upgrade to Home Assistant 0.115 or want to use it past September 2021, install the Firefox browser. It includes modern certificates and is able to support the new Let’s Encrypt certificates.